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Short Term Major Medical.


Is an eleven month traditional health care that works the same as the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Plans where you can pick the deductible and co-insurance. The biggest difference is the coverage has a limit of one Million dollars and certain benefits are excluded or not available and pre-existing conditions are not covered.  However, if you are healthy, or are worry about having no insurance this is a good alternative even if you have an existing condition. This plan will provide you coverage until the next open enrollment for January 2017.

Accidental Coverage


Is a supplement benefit program used as an alternative to help cover you in the event of an accident. Coverage can be for 24 hours and pays a fixed amount in the event of Accident, Death, or Dismemberment. Very inexpensive and protects you 24/7.

Critical Illness Expense


Is a supplemental benefit program that works with your existing healthcare plan. This plan is designed to cover up to $10,000 payable to you to help you cover the out of pocket expenses that can be associated with hospitalization. You can add a rider to cover Sickness as well as Heart Stroke and Cancer for additional premiums.

Know your facts?


Now that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) national enrollment has ended, what happens to those individuals whom were not able to sign up in time?  The fact is you will now be penalized. See table below;


Year                      Per Adult                    Per Child                  Family Maximum                    Percentage

2014                         $  95                       $  47.50                     $ 285                                      1.0%

2015                         $325                       $162.50                     $ 975                                      2.0%

2016-18                    $695                       $347.50                     $2085                                      2.5%

2019                       No Penalty

We cannot do anything to eliminate the penalty unless there is a change of life or circumstances that create a special enrollment for you.  However, we can advise you and offer alternative solutions for you.  Having no insurance is perhaps the most worrisome experience above the everyday stress we can have.  Below are the list of benefits alternatives you can enroll in to get some piece of mind and security.



Enroll Today in your Alternative Healthcare plan click image below;

47MR Wellness Program


Is a program designed to give you 24/7 access to physicians, prescriptions, discounted medical services order by our network of physicians, just by being a member.  Where else can you get access also to discounted organic food, supplements, and online courses specific to your needs?

Choose the Package
We created a package which includes our Telemedicine & Wellness Program, Accident Coverage, and Accidental Medical Expense which averages approximately $40 per month. This works with or without Obamacare coverage and completes the gaps that can exist in your healthcare.



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