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The Organization


is composed of dedicated individuals and physicians with a mission. The mission is to provide healthcare services to every individual in need of care. Beginning in the USA, these private centers are driven by membership and humanitarian services and will expand on a global basis.

Investors and Donors


If more private investors and family offices dedicate themselves to social impact projects, this mission would solve many healthcare issues. The 47MR model are stand alone centers where most of the revenue flows back into the center and communities it serves supporting the local charity organization. We can then continue our journey to create more centers in underprivileged communities for global needs.

Advisory Board


This organization is composed of various professionals whom share the same passion of making a difference and leaving the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. It's composed of physicians, clergy, attorneys, private donors, and business professionals who all experience serious health issues at one point in their lives. This is what creates the passion in fixing the system and providing quality care for all.  



Voluneer professional licensed representatives are needed to assist those individuals seeking healthcare. This organization has recruited volunteers and agents to assist in helping to advise businesses as to what is needed in the world of benefits.



Feed the children is a major concern both in the USA and globally. Here in the USA, children have become obese since the fast food revolution. Everything we do as a society is on the go. Our goal is to help feed and teach children about nutrition.

Educational Seminars


Physicians and medical staff are people too; they have the same problems and health concerns we all have. Therefore, we believe in educating everyone in nutrition and healthcare. Seminars are available on all aspects of healthcare in a simple-to-follow approach for medical staff, business owners, and individuals. Learn how to have optimum health.

Local & Global Communities


It is our hope that the public understands our commitment to humanity and would join us to impact our society for a better direction. Obamacare has made it possible for each community to have a Life Resource Center in their community, all you have to do is enroll into Obamacare through 47MR/Mr. Health Benefits. If 10,000 enroll in your community, we are committed to opening a center in your community. It's that simple.

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