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In today's business world, claims play a significant role in the cost for employee healthcare. 


Under the 47MR model, not only do we analyze the claims, we show you how to provide the treatment which eliminates all the primary care claims usage.


So if you are self-insured, this has a significant role on your bottom line since you pay for all the small claims. Therefore by having your employees use the Optimum Care Center’s model your fixed membership cost eliminates all the office visits, diagnostic testing claims that the fee for service system generates. No more third party need to process the nickel and dime claims.  Your employees participation in the Optimum Care Center program which results in a huge savings for you the employer.


The key is prevention, education, and monitoring your employees’ health. Most employees are not aware of what to do to reach their optimum health. Become a sponsor and open The Optimum Care Centers in your community which makes it simple by charging a membership fee, and that makes all the difference. No facility near you, ask about our mobile wellness service that goes directly to your facilities.


The analysis of your claims is critical in identifying potential illnesses. And without the proper diagnostic testing how do you know your wellness program is effective? What percentages of your employees are obese or are diabetic, with high blood pressure, or cardiovascular disease?


Our service makes that determination for you and monitors each employee’s health. Our unique software helps identify those claims so we are able to take action immediately for all our members. Our wellness programs first analyze, test, consult and then implement. Most wellness program offers just programs and hopes to reduce claims. Most programs do not get long lasting results by just changing behavior alone. The root of the problem is in the physical and mental health of the patient. Before we attempt to change behavior we first need to know the employee health status.


All these services can be packaged and included into your healthcare budget renewal on yearly bases. We work with your TPA to integrate the system to monitor the patient’s health. We are governed under HIPPA so the information is not share with anyone other than the physician and patient. The overall statistic and performance of the Optimum Care Center is to show you that lowering claims usage and improving employees’ health improves your healthcare cost. Performance matter and our sole purpose are reaching employees optimum health.  


Our Wellness program is mobile and can also be brought in house to various locations. Whether there is a Optimum Care Center in your area, or it’s just too far away, we bring the services directly to your company. So do not delay and request a quote on the whole benefits program including the insurance coverage or just the wellness services with or without the use of the Optimum Care Centers.


If you do not analyze the claims how would you know what is the right approach.



Ask For A Quote!

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