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How do you become a Donor member? 


To apply for non-profit membership into the Wellness & Optimum Care Centers you must be a resident or work for a business in the South Florida community. There are four tiers of member services you can choose and they are listed below. It’s important to choose based on your specific needs and type of treatment required. The cost varies based on the diagnostic requirements. If you have a chronic illness our mission is to provide your physician with latest diagnostic reports and use those reports to determine best treatment. 

Tier One:

Prevention is perhaps the most important aspect in this tier. Yet before you begin your preventive strategy you need to understand your metabolism. And without the proper diagnostic testing how does anyone know where to begin. Therefore, tier one gives you the diagnostic test required to evaluate exactly where you stand. Once this is determine you are on your way to optimum health. Of course there will be a time you need to see the physician for common illnesses. This is all included in the tier one membership price.

Tier Three:
Specialist necessary 

Unfortunately, all the prevention and care does not guarantee optimum health. Your metabolism may have inherited a family condition that passes on from generation to generation. Or a birth condition that now requires more attention like, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure to name a few. This requires specialist care. Our program provides an affiliate service for these types of special circumstances. Our services continue to provide monitoring for the specialist. Discounted Pay as you Go or private insurance is recommended. Telemed virtual office exists.

Tier Two:
Direct Primary Care 

Tier two is when you are doing everything right to prevent illness to obtain optimum health but the result from the testing indicates you require some treatment and care. The strategy now is for you to discuss with your physician the type of care (conventional, holistic, or integrative) and with his guidance choose what the necessary treatment is. Once you’ve chosen the best treatment, your care will be monitored by our staff, and special educational programs become part of the care. The additional office visit and additional diagnostic testing are discounted Pay as you GO to your membership fee.  


Tier Four:
Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions and serious illness will always exist in a medical environment. Obesity is one of those medical conditions. Therefore, special attention is provided to work with the specialist and community hospital to address these patients health. We help in providing the preventive programs and primary needs as in the other tiers and issue the reports to patients and specialist. Although we eliminate a considerable amount of expenses to the patient, a special type of testing may require additional fees. Discounted Pay as you Go exists. Therefore the purchase of insurance is required in this tier.   


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