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All Private Membership 


  • All-inclusive 4 tier memberships to choose from

  • Physicians, staff, investors, and members all profit 

  • Focused on servicing the members' health needs 

  • Eliminates fraud, abuse, and insurance third party billing

  • Member access to specialists and community hospitals

  • Integrative medicine provides choice of treatment

  • Assigned staff teaches how to monitor your own health

  • Member access to local 24/7 spa and fitness facilities*

  • Diagnostic testing to monitor your optimum health

  • Educational Seminars on your diagnosed illness and nutrition aspects to improve your health 

  • Community residence only

  • Designed for making social impact, locally and globally

  • And much, much more...



In Your Community


Our vision is to create "Life Resource Centers". These centers will primarily focus on reaching optimum health through education, prevention, treatment, cures, and diagnostic testing for the maintenance of good health. In these centers, there is no longer the need to use the fee-for-service system for payment for services rendered. These are private all-inclusive membership centers where both western and eastern philosophies “integrate” towards a choice of medicine for optimum health.


There will be no need to submit to a third party insurance administration for processing payment, using collections, or billing patients per claims. Physicians no longer need to be concerned on waiting to be paid. There will be no need to up code the service fees higher or add services in order to receive a higher payment from the insurance company. All the problems that exist with the fee-for-service system are eliminated.


The physicians and staff will now focus on the patients' care, treatment, cure and prevention. The current medical clinics/wellness centers that hospitals offer, and the new ACO's and PCHM's models being created by using government funding have not changed the current fee-for-service system or addressed the high deductibles. The safety net clinics are also following the current fee-for-service system. The only difference is the use of the sliding scale for services based on affordability. Charity care and donations are what eventually ends up paying the bill. Volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and staff are what keep medical treatment going at these safety net centers.


Now 2014, the idea of mandating all individuals have insured guaranteed payments under the current fee-for-service system to all insurance companies and prevention to existing medical centers. Therefore, it's no surprise that private equity funds, national chain pharmacies, and private hospitals are opening and buying medical clinics to guarantee their share of profit and patient base in order to fill their facilities and hospital beds. Regardless of the millions of government penalties for Medicare and Medicaid fraud abuses under the fee for service system, business as usual remains the practice in these facilities.


Contact us and sign the petition for membership in Life Resource Center be waiver from the Obamacare mandate penalty. We deserve an alternative system business leader in their community can support without being penalized.


We invite the PCP physician who cares to join and work with us in implementing this 47MR model. The consumers are paying for everything, the deductible, the premium, and the taxes for our own health care.


Sign the Petition: "You want to be on the Obamacare waiver list"



  • No more need to purchase expensive low deductible insurance under a

      "fee-for-service" system.


  • We deserve an alternative system in our community

      with direct support and without a third party.


  • 47 MR model is for direct all inclusive membership for primary healthcare services using a Life Resource Center.


  • We want a healthcare exemption for members who choose to participate and support the 47MR model in their community.




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