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Petitioning President Barack Obama:

Allow to amend the Affordable Healthcare Act by waiving the health penalty for members of 47MR Life Resource Center model


47 Million Reasons Healthcare Movement believes in empowering the public in its choice of healthcare by creating all-inclusive memberships in Life Resource Centers, focusing on optimizing health through education, prevention, state-of-the-art diagnostics & treatment.  This affordable membership replaces the inefficient fee-for-service system, thereby eliminating the abuse, fraud, and third party billing associated with it.


Focusing on patient, not  profit, physicians educate patients in integrative medicine, providing choices of care.  Members partner with their physician in their own healthcare, learning to self-monitor, apply preventative care, and manage diagnosed illnesses and nutritional aspects as the key to optimum health.


Centers rely on a co-operative approach, implementing a membership rather that a claims process, ultimately creating a positive social impact on communities.  Members can live healthier lives and save money on healthcare. Join us!  Sign the petition MEMBERS PAY NO PENALTY!

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