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Who is Mr. Health Benefits?


Mr. Health Benefits

George L. Soria is a native New Yorker born of immigrant parents. His mother came to this country from Ecuador in order to save her terminally ill mother's life. Her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and needed medical care. As a result of hearing the news, his mother sold everything that she owned and moved to the United States. Following the operation, George’s grandmother lived another 37 years. George went to Kean College to pursue his dreams and studied pre-med and psychology. The year that he was to graduate, tragedy struck in his family which changed the direction in his career as he entered the business world. He received his BA in Psychology from Ashford University in 2014.


In 1979, George entered the insurance industry. He began to work for Metropolitan Insurance Company and excelled in every challenge that crossed his path; he was recognized rookie of the year and received both company and industry awards. He set out to focus on employee benefits which, through payroll deductions, educated employees on mutual funds, life, disability, and health. He became responsible for all benefits offered to employees and became a consultant to the CEO’s. He specialized in self insurance, and designed and negotiated with all major Fortune 500 insurance companies. He was able to use mutual funds to fund deductibles in health plans before Health Savings Accounts (HSA) ever existed.


He applied wellness and prevention before it was ever used in health care plan designs, as well as designed mobile medical unit’s exams which he used to assess the risk in the group. He used Health Risk Assessment forms as a standard practice in the Wellness Center for all employees he insured since 1985. In 1991, he founded Health Options America, educating employees on wellness and prevention, along with operating a wellness center. George had to close up shop and retire due to medical reasons in 2007. In 2009, in response to healthcare reform he created a non-profit 501C3 known as 47Million Reasons Healthcare Movement to assist the uninsured, and offer a new health and wellness community approach to solving the healthcare problem.


His passion on helping those with health issues, lead him to retired players obtaining health care, and become an associate member of the year for the NFL Tri-State Players Association. He is an advocate on helping the NFL Player Association provide health care benefits to retired players who have been denied private health care coverage, due to medical reasons resulted by the players' injuries.

  He traveled extensively in 2009, helping the uninsured by providing seminars on the new Affordable Care Act law and nationally distributing discount RX cards to the uninsured. He created a new health care model which changes the current broken fee-for-service system, which he blames for the abuses and fraud that exist in our health care system today.


Currently, he remains an advocate for guaranteed health care for all Americans, offering teaching seminars on how to protect the consumers' interest on health care. The seminars remind the consumers what the current ACA law is; a guarantee to protect every American access to health care. Without this guarantee, the American people will continue to be treated as undesirable by the private medical organization. He comments, "You are only as good as the health insurance you own in today's society". Therefore, his passion is to equal the playing field by promoting guaranteed benefits for every individual and their family in need of Life and Health insurance. 

Today he mentors new insurance professionals to properly service the consumers, focus on the consumers needs with integrity, and that, "the need determines the choice of insurance policy", not the policy or product itself. Mr Health Benefits website is designed for the consumer to pick and choose the healthcare plans, get pricing, without sales representative soliciting the consumers. Consumers should be free to compare and choose their plans.

 He has also written a book on healthcare "Solution over Profit"which will be released in the first quarter of 2019. which shares his model. 

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