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In life, whether we practice prevention or not, the reality is we will experience some form of illness or disability which will have a dramatic impact in our life. Therefore, it is important to protect ourselves from the unexpected. Today, insurance has evolved and is about your comfort and care.  


1. Living Benefits 


Living benefits protect you by offering the face amount of your life insurance policy in a lump sum if you unfortunately experience a serious illness. Should you require care in a nursing facility, a monthly payment for your care is also paid by the face amount of your life insurance policy.​ 


The producers' group provides the latest policies and represents all the major insurance companies: Prudential, American General, Guardian, TransAmerica, AGLA, Nationwide, and Principal to name a few. This allows Mr. Health Benefits to assist you in planning for your future. Benefits are an important part of your life, both individually and in your business. Without having the proper benefits, your life can be dramatically affected and can lead to bankruptcy. Contact us to understand how you can avoid financial difficulties with living benefits "Life Policy" and fulfill your goals. Contact us.

2. Private Health Benefits


Now that everyone is slowly seeing what is happening with the Affordable Care Act, less and less individual choices are existing. The higher deductible plans is what the subsidy premium now cover. However, if your income increases beyond the income limits, most Americans need are paying to much and need to seek other options. 


Mr. Health Benefits offers healthcare both to individuals or businesses who seek private insurance. ​We provide United healthcare, Humana, Aetna, Coventry...

Contact us or get your quote right online. Supplemental insurance for accidental, critical illness, life, and cancer/heart/stroke can also be purchased when you purchase your healthcare policy for both ACA or privately to cover the out of pocket cost.

3.  Benefits for Nonprofit, Association, Corp

Now offering benefits have become easier. Whether you are looking for life, disability, auto, homeowners, dental, or supplemental health plans, you now can offer them exclusively on your own website. No enrollment period, or staff meeting, or payroll deductions needed. Each member signs up directly anytime. No need to change carriers, you have various choices to pick from. 


Are you looking for life insurance which requires no exam? Just click on your site and sign on. It’s that simple. All questions handled by us. No salesman required.

This is a great benefit which comes as a package that include all types of insurance both medical and non-medical services. Contact us for more information or join online. 

4.  Benefits for Business Owners


The rising cost of insurance effect all of us. No one feels the effect more then the business owners.  Whether you are looking for executive life, disability, or employee benefits for dental, health or supplemental health plans the cost will continues to rise. Learn how you can obtain a cost analysis for your business;


1. Benefits analysis and review

2. A review of your wellness program

3. the possibility of self insuring your business

4. Voluntary benefits

5. A new approach


 No need to change carriers we negotiate the savings, first. This is a great benefit which comes as a package. Average savings can be up to 28%. Let our team of professional work with HR for you.  Contact us for more information.




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