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501(c)3 Charities We Support.


The charities listed below are charities whom need to provide healthcare solutions to the people they serve. Therefore, our 47MR model is designed to include local charities by distributing funds to support their efforts. We are happy to announce the benefits programs we offer to all charities allows us to contribute to the various children organization to help educate, feed, and save the children worldwide. The Life Resource Center is the answer.


Cornerstone University
(Community Development Organization)

CCU’s mission is to provide and foster to men and women an academic excellence through a biblical and intellectual based curriculum that empowers them to become effective leaders towards a brighter future.


Organization of the Physically Impaired Inc.

OPI is pledged to empower its members through social, educational, cultural, recreational and sports programs, to integrate them into the society at large.


Help Me Too Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to helping young adults & Children live a richer life with education, food and shelter.





























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