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It's time to stop, listen, observe, and help before its too late.

Mental health has been a problem that our society have fail to acknowledge in our own community. It a problem we all have seen and encountered with the poor homeless veteran who suffer from post traumatic syndrome, or drug users, or dysfunctional family, poverty, in major cities. We all sympathize but view the problem to be part of the stress related to the financial and environmental circumstances.

And then we are faced with the reality of the death of Robin Williams. No PTS, no drug use, not a dysfunctional family, no poverty, instead a loved entertainer who is viewed by many as a mentor, a symbol of bringing joy and laughter into our lives, during our most difficult times in our lives. We all appreciated a Robin Williams performance relieve our own stress and get a dose of laughter and joy.

How could this be? How did we as a society missed noticing the need of a person we admired and considered to be so special? Perhaps we again failed to acknowledge the problem on mental health, since these things in our own mind only occur far away from our lives and communities.

If we truly admire our Robin Williams and consider him to be special, the final lesson he has taught us, is to open our eyes to those in need and take a moment to observe and no longer ignore mental health issues. The issues are not only prone to those categories we consider in need, but to everyone in our own family and communities.

Ironically, this is the lesson that perhaps we have been ignoring too long in our society which now keeps increasing every year. Its time to stop, listen, observe and help before its too late.

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