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Professional Code of Conduct

Let it be known that today I take this oath to serve my client in providing the best advice to protect him and his family.

I will keep current on all the changes in my profession

I will keep my client abreast of all changes and visit him annually.

I will analyze my client financial needs and risk to protect his family and fulfill his dreams

I will only recommend the best solution to fulfill his needs.

I am not constrained or limited to any product or company I will always offer the best products to fulfill the needs of my client

I will not sell any product until I known my clients circumstances. The client comes first above any sale.

I will not mislead, misrepresent, or cohere a client to purchase a product

I will maintain my client’s information confidential

I acknowledge my fiduciary responsibility to my client

I will do my best at all time with integrity, honesty, and professionalism.

I will always extend my professional courtesy to others.

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